CSR analysis of large Hungarian enterprises


  • Csaba Borbély
  • Gábor Szabó-Szentgróti
  • Eszter Szabó-Szentgróti
  • Arnold Csonka
  • Zsolt Kőműves


CSR activity, company analysis, Hungary


The main goal of our research was to analyze the biggest Hungarian enterprises’ CSR activities. We chose the 100 largest companies in our country in different sectors. A criteria system was used that gave us a certain picture about Hungarian CSR activities among the biggest companies. The most popular actions included environmental protection, education and health. Transparency was regarded as the least preferred activity, only a few company used it in their CSR strategy. According to our hypothesis, the most polluting companies have the most intense CSR activities. Hungarian CSR activity still needs further development, because 30 companies out of the 100 have no visible CSR activity.




How to Cite

Borbély, C., Szabó-Szentgróti, G., Szabó-Szentgróti, E., Csonka, A., & Kőműves, Z. (2014). CSR analysis of large Hungarian enterprises. REGIONAL AND BUSINESS STUDIES, 6(2), 1–7. Retrieved from https://journal.ke.hu/index.php/rbs/article/view/574

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