New estimation possibilities the actual quality and value of grassland in Hungary


  • Tamás Fábián
  • Gábor Kiss
  • Richárd Hoffman


D-e-Meter, grassland, evaluation, yields, nutritive content


The future way of grassland management is greatly affected by the new functions of the grasslands relative to the environment. The role of raising nutrition will be expanded by the role of keeping the natural resources. In the D-e-Meter grassland module we start the evaluation with the DM yield of the characteristic grass. This starting point is modified with the factors proper to the area. The measured and the estimated DM yield were compared to each other at 5 grasslands at Bőszénfa in Hungary. An important part of the sustainable developing is to find the adaptation to the local area and the nature. This aspect could be found in the multifunctional European Agricultural model and in the rural development too. The evaluation of grasslands in Hungary is not solved, the details we have are disused, so it is hard to plan the yields of the grasslands, we can estimate them a posteriori. To evolve an up-to-date evaluating system we analysed grasslands at the University of Kaposvár Deer Farm at Bőszénfa to find answers to the followings. Geological analysis of the humus, the N, P, K levels and the pH of the grasslands. Describe the botanical composition by the Balázs-method. The quality and the nutrition value of the grasslands. The yields of the grasslands, by annual. Analyzing of the results by the D-e-Meter system, and as a feedback to check the accuracy of the method.




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Fábián, T., Kiss, G., & Hoffman, R. (2010). New estimation possibilities the actual quality and value of grassland in Hungary. Acta Agraria Kaposváriensis, 14(2), 201–208. Elérés forrás

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