Preliminary characterization of coagulation properties of buffalo milk in Veneto region


  • Claudio Cipolat Gotet
  • N. Cologna
  • Massimo De Marchi
  • Alessio Cecchinato
  • Mauro Penasa
  • Giovanni Bittante


buffalo, milk coagulation properties, milk quality traits


This study is a preliminary contribution to the characterization of milk production from buffaloes reared in Veneto region and examines the relationships between milk coagulation properties (MCP) and milk composition traits. A total of 66 buffaloes were sampled during the morning milking and analyzed within 3 h from collection. Measures of MCP were obtained using a Formagraph whereas milk composition traits were assessed through a MilkoScan FT120. Significant relationships were found between production traits and MCP. Rennet coagulation time seems to be related mainly to milk yield and casein content whereas curd firmness to protein percentage, casein percentage and acidity. With respect to curd firming time, a significant relationship has been found with casein content and acidity. Results allowed a preliminary characterization of buffalo milk traits in northeast Italy. Further studies are needed to better investigate the variability of MCP and the relationships between MCP and cheese yield.




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Cipolat Gotet, C., Cologna, N., De Marchi, M., Cecchinato, A., Penasa, M., & Bittante, G. (2010). Preliminary characterization of coagulation properties of buffalo milk in Veneto region. Acta Agraria Kaposváriensis, 14(2), 173–178. Elérés forrás

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