The effect of production type and age of hens on the major egg components


  • Dušan Terčič
  • Antonija Holcman


egg-type hens, meat-type hens, egg components, yolk to albumen ratio


The aim of the research was to find out the differences in the major egg components between egg and meat types of hens. Three traditional breeds of egg-type and three traditional breeds of meat-type hens were included into the experiment. The comparison was carried out at six different ages. Eggs from meat-type hens were significantly (P<0.05) heavier, albumens, yolks and shells were heavier too while the proportion of yolk and diameter as well as yolk : albumen ratios were higher in comparison to egg-type hens. The proportion of albumen was significantly higher in eggs from egg-type hens while the thickness and proportion of shell did not differ between the types of hens. The last two mentioned traits were not significantly affected by age. The breed has a significant effect on all traits except percentage albumen and percentage yolk. In both types of hens the weights of albumen, yolk and shells were positively related to egg weight. The relation between yolk : albumen ratio and egg weight was positive but not significant in meat-type hens.




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Terčič, D., & Holcman, A. (2010). The effect of production type and age of hens on the major egg components. Acta Agraria Kaposváriensis, 14(2), 75–81. Elérés forrás

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