Regional and Business Studies Kaposvár University en-US Regional and Business Studies 2061-2311 Influence of the financial regulatory system on European sovereign debt crisis <p>European sovereign debt crisis is a big challenge not only for Europe but also for the whole world. <br>In this paper, first I will give an introduction about European sovereign debt crisis, then analyze <br>the cause of this debt crisis. In the discussion part, I will analyze some problems of the financial <br>regulatory system such as bureaucracy, inadequate regulation, the uncertainty of regulatory <br>integration and synergy, which is smaller than the countries have planned, which are parts of the <br>cause of the crisis. After that I will analyze the problems of the financial regulatory system, there <br>are some ideas and suggestions for the financial regulatory system in this part. The last part of the <br>article is the conclusion. Countries in Europe are very closely associated with each other. After the <br>breakout of the debt crisis, European countries should build a more stable finance system which <br>can support euro to compete with dollar in the international monetary system. It is good for <br>countries all over the world if euro could break the dominance of the dollar monopoly.</p> Xiangyu Cai ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-12 2018-11-12 9 2 1 8 Lessons of the crisis – the changing regulation of the European shadow banking system <p>This paper intends to present the changing regulation of the European shadow banking system by <br>discussing the major European Union directives which have been created with the aim of treating <br>the macro and microprudential risks that resulted from the international financial crisis between <br>2007 and 2009. Notably, 2009/111/EC (Basel III), 2011/61/EC (AIFM directive), <br>575/2013/EU as well as 648/2012/EU directives are examined in a way that on the basis of <br>secondary sources, the paper aims to provide theoretical statements. This article also analyses the <br>Hungarian regulation with the purpose of proving that it is basically the implementation of the <br>directives mentioned above.</p> Balázs Cseh Ádám Patai ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-12 2018-11-12 9 2 9 18 Banking reforms in Syria <p>The Banking Sector plays an important role in the economic development of a country. In <br>developing countries, especially in Syria, the banking sector represents the backbone of the Syrian <br>economy and has been playing an important financial intermediary role since 2003. The Syrian <br>authorities embarked on a reform agenda to develop the financial sector and improve <br>intermediation. A number of laws and regulations have been put in force. This paper seeks to <br>provide an overview of the Syrian banking system reform process through examining and analyzing <br>the financial indicators of the banks in Syria, for the period (2000-2010). This study adopted <br>analytical descriptive method in research based on the analysis of the data annual reports. The <br>study found out that despite the achievements made so far, considerable challenges remain, including <br>the establishment of indirect monetary instruments, the reduction of the role of the government in <br>credit allocation, and the removal of the large excess liquidity in the banking system and the Syrian <br>money market is still insufficiently developed.</p> Faeyzh Barhoom József Varga ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-12 2018-11-12 9 2 19 31 Renewable energy sources for sustainable rural development in Hungary <p>The given article has the aim to analyse the key aspects of renewable energy source usage in rural <br>areas of Hungary and their impact on sustainable rural development including the agricultural <br>sector. The shares of renewable energy in gross final energy consumption, transport, electricity, <br>heating and cooling were considered. Besides this, the promotions of the national policy with regard <br>to renewable energy sources and their impact on the agricultural sector were investigated. Biomass <br>was potentially recognised, as a primary source for energy purposes in rural areas. The article <br>concludes with the overview of the relevant policy implications and consideration of the topic’s case <br>studies in Hungary.</p> Alexander Titov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-12 2018-11-12 9 2 33 40 Environmental refugees <p>In the past years, natural disasters and climate change have become a growing concern. According to <br>the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) estimations 19.2 million people were <br>displaced by climate or weather-related events only in 2015. As reported by the UN's science advisory <br>board - the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change - an increase in the number of displaced <br>people is projected over the course of this century. Due to climate change people will be forced into <br>increasing poverty and displacement, a fact that will exacerbate the factors that lead to conflict, <br>rendering both the humanitarian needs and responses even more complex in such situations. <br>Environmental refugees are not a phenomenon of our century. Since the beginning of civilization, <br>people were forced time after time to change living places due to the climate. But what makes this <br>topic so special nowadays is that human beings did not have such a strong influence on the <br>environment earlier, so a migration process was unexpected previously. Unfortunately, this situation <br>has changed now. Population growth and big disparities make this process more complicated. <br>However, with new technology and progress in IT sphere we can predict possible changes, but at the <br>same time we are one of the main causes of these climate and environmental changes. In fact, a lot of <br>researchers has been working on this topic. In worldwide practice, there are conventions, policy <br>documents etc., yet environmental refugees still stay in a non-place, taking part in frameworks for <br>refugees or economic migrants.</p> Yevgeniya Tokareva ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-11-12 2018-11-12 9 2 41 53