Egy megújult Spar szupermarket vásárlókra gyakorolt hatásának vizsgálata

  • Roland Valkó
  • Andrea Olsovszkyné Némedi, Ph.D.


Nowadays, the existence of a business unit and the fact of the purchasing process are not enough by themselves to understand the consumer behaviour. Customers don’t only have different preferences, but they are also critical, with higher and higher expectations. To understand all of these we carried out studies in the fully transformed SPAR supermarket in Kaposvár in 2016 and 2017. Our aimed to completely come to know the effect that this renewed supermarket has on its customers. During we research the first pillar that determines the main aspects of choosing a shop and customer satisfaction.

 We mapped every inch of the shop by observations based on predefined criteria. We were exposed to direct communication with numerous consumers that helped me further to enlighten the strong and weak points of the shop.

 The first impression and all the information coming from direct experience had positive effect thanks to the reopening. When the business unit became more and more cognoscible, more and more difficulties and also positive experiences surfaced due to carrying out both purchasing process and specific researches as well. The observations supported the result of the surveying because amongst 159 customers the closeness of the shop and habit primarily dominated as the main factors when choosing a shop, besides the nice and fresh appearance. After the formerly mentioned come the prices and the importance of the quality of the products, in different order.

Concerning the modernized supermarket, customers expressed either their satisfaction and loyalty or their dissatisfaction. However, by applying the Homburg-Stock employee satisfaction-loyalty matrix on the customers We founded that more than 80% of the responders are satisfied with the shop and 40% of the consumers confirmed their loyalty. Still, in order for the customer to form a certain degree of loyalty towards a product or a shop, the customer first have to be satisfied and the satisfaction has to be maintained. Over time the expectation and longing subside giving space to the routine and the monotonous circulation of customers that need to be resolved by the marketing tools of the supermarket.



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Valkó, R., & Olsovszkyné Némedi, Ph.D., A. (2017). Egy megújult Spar szupermarket vásárlókra gyakorolt hatásának vizsgálata. Élelmiszer, Táplálkozás és Marketing, 13(1), 25-29.
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