Magyar vidékfejlesztési programok és élelmiszertermelés

  • Csaba Sarudi Kaposvári Egyetem, Gazdaságtudományi Kar, Regionális Tudomány és Statisztika Tanszék


The rural development as a separate subject area appeared in the EU only in the last decade of the XX. century. In Hungary it became an important part of the economy policy after the accession to the EU and the regime change. The EU rural development supports has been opened to Hungary since 2000. The amount of the rural development supports slightly more than one fifth of the agricultural supports which means 1300 billion during the present programming period. The size and the content of the rural development programs were formed by the reforms of the common agrarian policy (CAP). In our study we investigate some EU rural development documents between 1990 and 2020, the rural development aspects of the agrarian reforms as well as the Hungarian rural development programs of the same period, We examine the objectives, the financial framework, the EU supports of the programs. Where possible we examine the utilization and the evaluation of the supports.
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Sarudi, C. (2016). Magyar vidékfejlesztési programok és élelmiszertermelés. Élelmiszer, Táplálkozás és Marketing, 12(2), 23-28. Elérés forrás
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