Idegen nyelvi kompetencia-elvárások és -igények az észak-alföldi és észak-magyarországi régióban

  • Márta Mohácsi Nyí­regyházi Főiskola Gazdasági és Társadalomtudományi Kar
  • Edit Spiczéné Bukovszki Miskolci Egyetem Idegennyelvi Oktatási Központ
Kulcsszavak: foreign-language, competence, region


Languages play a prominent role in the cooperation of European citizens, as all of them contribute to the great variety of the European Union and at the same time they are necessary tools to create a European unity. Language knowledge signif-icantly promotes the competitiveness of employees and thereby the prosperity of the European economy. On the other hand it is outstandingly important because it increases the tolerance between cultures. The continuous changes require quick reac-tions from everybody and strengthen the roles of information and knowledge. In our lecture and analysis we asked the leaders of ventures, who are close to the higher education in the North-Hungarian Plain and North-Hungarian regions, about the role of languages considering their importance, motivation, and the way they can be taught and learnt. The aim of the empirical research is to point out the expected language competences, the harmony of foreign language competence in workplaces increasing the competitiveness of society. Employers continually demand from employees to be able to learn and acquire new skills quickly and to be able to adapt to new challenges and conditions. The competences have five components: knowledge, skills, self-evaluation, personal features and motivations. The questions of the measuring tool relate to the improvable knowledge, skills and personal features which are at the level of mind. The analysis of the questionnaire was carried out in SPSS data base. According to our opinion the knowledge of humans and their person-al competence are in strong connection. The experience and the acquired knowledge as competence can be effective only when it comes out in the completed work and activity.

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Mohácsi, M., & Spiczéné Bukovszki, E. (2012). Idegen nyelvi kompetencia-elvárások és -igények az észak-alföldi és észak-magyarországi régióban. Acta Scientiarum Socialium, 37, 109-118. Elérés forrás
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