A természetkárosítás bűncselekmény értelmezése

  • Szilvia Metzger Kaposvári Egyetem, Állattudományi Kar -- Kaposvár University, Faculty of Animal Science


The root of the legal regulation of nature conservation can be found in the Constitution (in the 18. § and in the 70/D §), but the highest level of the regulation of nature conservation is the Act of Nature Conservation, Hungary's first independent natural conservation law. The greatest responsibility for nature conservation is attached to the criminal law. The delict of nature damaging is included in the crimes against the public health in the Hungarian Penal Code. In this report the delict of nature damaging is analysed in detail. On the basis of the objects, the base and the qualified cases of nature damaging acted on individuals or on lands are determined and analysed. In the article the delict of nature damaging is demarcated from the minor offense of nature conservation.

Language: Hungarian

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Metzger, S. (2010). A természetkárosítás bűncselekmény értelmezése. Acta Scientiarum Socialium, 32, 71-83. Elérés forrás http://journal.ke.hu/index.php/asc/article/view/209
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