Effect of atrophic rhinitis on the behaviour of piglets (preliminary results)


  • Tamás Donkó
  • Marcell Molnár
  • László Csató
  • Melinda Kovács
  • Tibor Magyar


pig, atrophic rhinitis, behaviour


In this study the influence of atrophic rhinitis on the behaviour of pigs was investigated. In the experiment piglets were weaned from their dam at the age of one day and were reared artificially under controlled animal house conditions. The behaviour of a group of uninfected control pigs was compared with those infected experimentally with Pasteurella multocida. The examined behaviour forms were feeding, drinking, resting, social behaviour, scratches and playing. On day 8 after P. multocida infection we observed that the piglets spent less time with eating and social activities than the control piglets while the time they spent with resting increased. Our examination gives solid evidence that reduced activity coincides with reduced time spent with feeding by the animals.




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Donkó, T., Molnár, M., Csató, L., Kovács, M., & Magyar, T. (2006). Effect of atrophic rhinitis on the behaviour of piglets (preliminary results). Acta Agraria Kaposváriensis, 10(2), 291–295. Elérés forrás http://journal.ke.hu/index.php/aak/article/view/1808

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